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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Anwar Dropping Out His Plan ? ?

23rd November Malaysiaparty 's [NOW] News of Week Malaysiakini list up this =>
(picked from straitstimes.com) : http://www.straitstimes.com/Breaking+News/SE+Asia/Story/STIStory_303628.html

Opp state chiefs under fire
Pakatan dogged by weak governance and internal bickering
By Carolyn Hong, Malaysia Bureau Chief Nov 18, 2008

(Penang's government has been embarrassed by the cancellation of a touted tennis exhibition. Eight months after the election, leaders of opposition states have come under critical media scrutiny.)

KUALA LUMPUR: The Penang government must have winced each time the local newspapers splashed photographs of bleachers being dismantled along its Esplanade last week.

The stands were being taken down after a much-trumpeted tennis exhibition that was to have featured big names like Pete Sampras flopped as the organisers could not raise the funds.

The state government was embarrassed as it had promised to forgo the RM200,000 (S$84,600) rental fee if the event was successful, and had waived a RM2 million damage deposit.
But Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was defensive.

'We were neither the organiser nor co-organiser of the event. So why blame the state government?' he said on Sunday.

His critics say that the government could have collected the RM200,000 fee earlier.

Mr Lim, who used to be a harsh critic of the former government, has suddenly found himself in the unfamiliar position of having to defend official decisions.
He is not alone in his predicament. Leaders of the four states won by the opposition Pakatan Rakyat in the March general election have also taken flak in the media recently.

The sudden spate of bad news sits in stark contrast with the more forgiving reports of the early months following the election.

And while some of the 'controversies' are petty, others highlight the real problems facing Pakatan.

The problems appear to be twofold - issues of governance due to inexperience, and issues of negotiations within the Pakatan coalition.

Penang's tennis exhibition fiasco is clearly one of a misstep in governance, exacerbated by poor damage control when the government attempted to shift blame to the local council.

There will be more such fiascos but these are less serious than the fundamental problem of Pakatan cohesion. It is evident that eight months after the election, it has yet to work out a cooperation mechanism, especially for resolving sticky issues arising from its promised multiracial platform.

'Pakatan still does not have any mechanism to resolve high-level disputes,' said political analyst Ong Kian Ming.
Malaysiakini list up => Malaysiaparty 's =>

This has left the three component parties - each with its own communal interests - squabbling openly over new policies of the Kedah and Selangor governments in recent weeks.

Selangor Chief Minister Khalid Ibrahim, from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), was criticised by his Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) colleagues for promoting a Chinese woman to head the state economic development board.

Kedah Menteri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak, of PAS, drew anger from his Democratic Action Party (DAP) and PKR partners after his government reserved 50 per cent of new houses in the state for Malays.

These squabbles go to the heart of Pakatan's promise of racial justice, and are of greater public concern. Open quarrelling does not inspire confidence, especially when it takes on a belligerent tone.

Mr Azizan has chided his opposition colleagues and even his party's supporters club president Hu Pang Chaw for giving their views on the Malay housing quota.

'I know who he (Mr Hu) is...If he is really concerned about the policy and is a true PAS supporter, he should voice his opinion or suggestion properly,' Mr Azizan said yesterday.

He clarified that the ruling applied only to new developments on Malay reserve land converted to freehold status.

It is clear from these episodes that Pakatan has a rough road ahead. Mr Ong believes the onus is on opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to build a more concrete coalition, but notes that the former deputy premier has shown little interest in this.

He points out that Datuk Seri Anwar has not set up a shadow Cabinet for the same reason that it would quickly reveal the rifts within Pakatan.

An opposition MP told The Straits Times that he, too, felt there should be more focus on building up the coalition's cohesion.

'I think there's a loss of focus after the first few months,' he said.

Mr Anwar has expended much energy on wooing lawmakers from the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition to defect, in a bid to topple the federal government.

He had earlier claimed to have the support of enough defectors, but, after missing several self-declared deadlines, he has dropped the issue. ? ? ? Malaysiakini list up =>

(exclusive by JP - the 3rd PARTY a Barisan Rakyat 's non-bias blogger said:

for I don't think Anwar is dropping the issue to topple the federal government !

Some people might just think that he failed but actually he is (too cunning) in forming up a new strength (mainly on his monetery part) and re-structure his plan to woo over BN 's MP.

He won't just keep himself satisfy with his Permatang Pauh 's parliamentary seat but making himself quiet (out of the topple issue) for this moment would certainly make people like you and me (expecially foe-BN) to think that he is dropping his plan.

He just like a "sleeping tiger" !)

Some observers point out that the Perak government helmed by PAS' Nizar Jamaluddin is the only one to have escaped serious controversies, apart from the petty issue of his demand that a photographer delete pictures of him being served a lawsuit.

Credit, analysts say, must be given to Mr Nizar, who seems to have managed coalition politics effectively with the DAP, which holds the majority of the seats in the state.


(part of the above picked from http://www.straitstimes.com/Breaking+News/SE+Asia/Story/STIStory_303628.html)

Malaysiakini => llisted this

Prelude of MCA Internal Conflict episod 7 马华 . 笼里鸡 前奏7

23rd November Malaysiaparty 's [NOW] News of Week
(picked from themalaysianinsider.com) :

Wounds open up again in MCA
By Leslie Lau
Consultant Editor

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 13 – Just weeks after its party elections, the gloves appear to have come off as MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat and his rivals have started engaging in another battle for control over the beleaguered party.

Tee Keat came out swinging today in defending his choices for the party's new leadership line-up, saying his decisions were not meant to please a “certain group of persons.”

He also said that in any political party there could only be one person at the helm, in what was a pointed reference to deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, who has been at odds with him since the party election campaign period.

“Did you see Annette Lu giving out commands when Chen Shui Bian was the president of Taiwan? The same goes for Ma Ying-jeou, you will not see Vincent Siew standing out and making comments. And I am quite sure you don't see PKR's Syed Husin Ali giving out orders,” he told the mass-selling Sin Chew Daily in an exclusive interview published today.

Announcing key leadership posts on Tuesday, he sidelined Dr Chua from any significant responsibilities in the party.

In response, Dr Chua said yesterday that he wanted to apologise to party members because “it is not that I do not want to work for MCA but I have been given limited space by the president.”

Tee Keat also denied today that his leadership line-up was meant to oust leaders associated with former president Ong Ka Ting's Team A faction.

“Everyone has a right to making their own interpretations,” he told the newspaper.

“As for the various comments, I will treat them as if I were reading the entertainment news. It will be like one extra entertainment page in the newspapers.”

Tee Keat also dismissed as “strange” the roiling speculation that former deputy president Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy who was part of the party's Team B faction was behind the slew of unexpected appointments to key posts.

On Tuesday, Tee Keat removed Datuk Ong Ka Chuan, who is Ka Ting's brother, as secretary-general, replacing him with the relatively unknown Datuk Wong Foon Meng, who is together with the new treasurer Tan Sri Tee Hock Seng, said to be close to Chan.

Known as the party's so-called “Lone Ranger,” the party president appears to be fighting on many fronts against a slew of forces aligned against him.

While there are high expectations among MCA members for him to help the party close ranks, his behavior and demeanour so far has been of a leader under siege.

While the party has been wracked by severe divisions into two rival Team A and Team B factions previously, it now appears to be fragmented into many more blocs.

Asked why certain leaders were left out of key positions in the party, he would only say that “you will understand me later.”

He did however point out that it was not party tradition for the deputy president to be appointed the disciplinary bureau chief, in reference to the appointment of Datuk Ng Cheng Kiat instead of Soi Lek.

Soi Lek has been appointed head of the relatively unimportant position of head of the party's government policy monitoring bureau.

The party No 2 also said yesterday that he would leave it to the members to decide if Tee Keat's appointments will help the party close ranks or whether it is to strengthen his own grip on MCA.
(above picked from http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/index.php/malaysia/12352-wounds-open-up-again-in-mca)
Malaysiakini listing ...

Sympathy to an touching INDIAN Story

23rd November Malaysiaparty 's [NOW] News of Week Malaysiakini = > Malaysiaparty 's news
(picked from malaysiasun.info) : http://story.malaysiasun.com/index.php/ct/9/cid/48cba686fe041718/id/433531/cs/1/

Rubber tapping before school for Malaysian Indian girl
Sunday 23rd November, 2008
Malaysiakini to list this =>
The Malayasian Indian Congress (MIC) is collecting money to help student Margatha Ambiga, who has to wake up early morning and work on a rubber plantation for three hours before going to school, so she can support her family.

Ambiga has to get up at 3 a.m. and go to a rubber estate about 10km away, and help a neighbour tap rubber for three hours before returning home at 6am, cleaning up and then going to her school.

She gets RM20 ($6 approximately) a day tapping the rubber, with which she supports her father, who suffers from diabetes and blood pressure and asthmatic mother, as well as paying for the education of her younger brother Suriya, 10, who is studying in a Tamil primary school.

However, there is no work on days when it rains and she does not get any money then.

Ambiga's plight was brought to the attention of Negri Sembilan state's MIC chairman, T. Rajagopalu who visited the family.

Her mother, Tamil Selvy told him that her family members had refused to help her out and instead, had advised her to get her daughter married off.

' I want my daughter to study hard and be somebody in life. I have confidence in her,' she pleaded.

Ambiga is currently sitting for her Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examinations and hopes to become a teacher.

Appealing for charity for Ambiga, Rajagopalu said he would assist the children with their education.

He has also made arrangement for Ambiga's parents to receive treatment at Seremban Hospital, The Star newspaper said.
(above picked from http://story.malaysiasun.com/index.php/ct/9/cid/48cba686fe041718/id/433531/cs/1/)
Malaysiakini => Malaysia party =>

Why Pakatan Failed to Form New Government pt2

23rd November Malaysiaparty 's [NOW] News of Week Malaysiakini = > Malaysiaparty 's news
(picked from worldfutures.info) :

Analysis: DSAI power game plan that fell apart
Written by Kazi Mahmood
Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Malaysiakini to list up this

The main plan of the opposition was to get the MP's from Sabah to jump ship and form a new national government with the PR, thus toppling the BN and elect Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister.

The political storm that hit Malaysia on March 2008 is not over and there are signs of a massive cyclone gathering on the horizons. Will Anwar Ibrahim make it or break this time? His strategy, from the start, was to depend on the states of Sabah and Sarawak where the wind of change is still filled with uncertainty.

Anwar Ibrahim is at the center of the current political storm that is hitting Malaysia. He is working day and night to get the majority that is needed to topple the Barisan National (BN) regime but so far, he managed to grab non-Parliamentarians who fell off the ranks within the BN and the United Malays National Organization (Umno) and this is not sufficient for his strategy to be implemented.

It is now obvious that Sabah was the core of the Anwar Ibrahim strategy to run down the BN government by September 16th 2008, six months after the devastating electoral set back suffered by the BN against the loose coalition headed by Anwar Ibrahim. The strategy fell apart after it was clear that Sabah MP's were not willing to be pawns in the power game plan laid by the astute opposition leader.

Wooing the Sabahans with promises of a better economic deal and more power to the locals in the running of the state did not led the political class to bite the bait. Instead, many of the potential MP's targeted by the Party Keadilaan Rakyat (PKR) became vociferous opponents of the Anwar Ibrahim's plan to topple the BN.

Opposition websites and newspapers were filled with stories of dejection, poverty and abuse of power or of resources in the states of Sabah and Sarawak. The aim was to create a sensation of despair within the BN and among the people of the states. This was expected to force the people of these states to think of alternatives rather than to keep fulfilling their allegiance to the BN.

Cracking Sabah alone could be damaging to the BN government. When the SAPP decided to quit the BN and join the opposition, hopes were high in the opposition ranks that there will be more MP's from the state of Sabah who would join the SAPP in the opposition, thus fulfilling Anwar's ambition.
Malaysiakini list up this

While the BN were feeling the heat of the opposition campaign to dislodge it from power after more than 50 years of rule, the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) were also taken by a storm that shocked the supporters of the PKR and of the Democratic Action Party (DAP). The Party Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) was being courted by the Umno and offers were being made to create a new 'Islamic' alliance in the country to prevent the loss of Malay-Muslim political power.

The PAS was not in agreement with Anwar's original plans for take over. The leaders of the Islamic party certainly knew how the former jail bird planned to arrest power from Abdullah Ahmad Badawi but the glitches that existed in the plan put them off. The fact that most of the MP's willing to jump ship from the BN to join the PR were non-Muslims would have created a situation of great unrest in the country among Malays-Muslims. The Muslims would not want a regime headed by a Malay but run by non-Muslims in general. The number of MP's of Islamic faith within the PR became an important question that Anwar could not tackle.

The September 16 date clashed with dates that are important in the Islamic calender, such as the Nuzul Quraan. The Muslims in Semenanjung Malaysia felt Anwar was being 'sarcastic' and were showing 'disrespect' to the Muslims by repeatedly calling for a change of regime in Malaysia on that fatal day for the opposition grouping. The PKR failed to rally the majority of MP's to take power based on the predictions and the landmark date set by Anwar Ibrahim himself.

The month of Ramadan in Malaysia is not the same as those in Afghanistan or Iraq and Somalia where war is still ravaging the countries and disturbing the fasting month of the Muslims. It is a peaceful, joyful and enriching month with prayers and recitations across the Muslim community in Malaysia. Setting the target date to take power by overthrowing the ruling regime – a Malay regime by all means – was a mistake by Anwar.

He gave more importance to the date when Sabah and Sarawak effectively joined Malaya to form Malaysia and in the process offended many Muslims who would have otherwise supported his plans to throw Umno out of power. The date could have differed from the September 16th date says critics of Anwar Ibrahim who added that it might have been different had Anwar waited patiently for his time to make a breakthrough.

Most of the observers met by WorldFutures said Anwar has a huge problem that is going to haunt him. He fails to realize that he has to be patient and to work out better strategies before he aims for the Prime Ministerial post. He seems in a hurry in preventing Najib Tun Razak from taking power and fails to understand that he may get better allies within the Umno itself if he has the right political strategy and policies. They cite the PAS which made breakthroughs with Umno leaders on several issues since the parties where Muslims are majority has understood that in the end, they may need each other to salvage what is left of 'Ketuanan Melayu' or Malay political power in Malaysia.

In the meantime, Anwar annouced on his blog that his party made breakthroughs in Sabah where some 12,000 grass root members and supporters of the BN were joining the PKR. This indeed consolidates the PKR in Sabah but it does not deal an immediate blow to the BN since no MP's are leaving their places in the government to join the BN.

Anwar has the charisma and the capacity to bring the supporters of the BN to rally in his favor but has lost the charm and the power to break down the MP's – those he needs to take power in the short run and prevent Najib Razak from becoming PM.

It is undoubted that he will be able to drag more grass root support for the PKR but in the mean time he cannot afford to sit back and watch Najib rise to the occasion as Prime Minister. While the entire nation is feeling that Umno is heading for a slow but sure death, there are reasons to believe that such an institution can still defeat its own ogres and rise as the phoenix from its own ashes.

Efforts within the Umno and outside the party, made to salvage the Umno ideology, cannot be ignored. The party members appeared to have withstood the challenges posed by the September 16th deadline and has re-aligned behind the future PM, Najib Razak. The immediate effect of the announcement of the resignation of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in March next year is the rallying of the party grass roots, leaders and members to the folds.

It must also be said the Umno garnered enough Malay votes in the March 2008 elections while in the Permatang Pauh defeat against Anwar despite the trashing it received, it garnered sufficient Malay votes to indicate that it has not lost all the support.

Permatang Pauh also indicated that the other race based parties in the BN were 'passe' and has to adopt new policies and strategies before they face any elections in the future. The rejection of the BN so far is still focused on the shift of non-Malay voters to the opposition camp, a situation that can be healed if the Umno applies the right policies and strategies, WorldFutures was told.

Nevertheless, pressure is mounting on the Umno to prove that it can seal the various races into a nation and failing to do so will impede its chances of a quick recovery in the next general elections (GE). With these elements in his favor, Anwar Ibrahim should be able to cause more damages to the Umno and the BN in a future GE but it is not certain whether the Umno will tumble and fall this time around. It is also not certain whether the PAS will continue to play second fiddle to the PKR in the future as the party is facing internal pressure to advance further in its agenda of becoming a national party rather than remain a 'Malay' belt party. The PAS has a great need to win more Parliamentary seats in order to influence the course of the nation's future. Winning 20 seats will not help it contain the largely non-Muslim supporters and their agendas for a more secular Malaysia to emerge after the downfall of the BN.

With Sabah now calm and the possibility of a massive cross-over dimmed, the Anwar Ibrahim plan to seize power must now focus on the Umno and its supporters and MP's. Why? The Umno remains the largest political organization in the country. The attempts at chipping away the BN with the wooing of non-Muslim parties to leave the coalition having failed, the Umno is the most attractive and lucrative target for Anwar Ibrahim and the PKR. And that would include, though with limited chances, a return of Anwar Ibrahim to the Umno!

(part of the above picked from http://www.worldfutures.info/Analysis/Analysis/Anwar-Ibrahim-A-power-game-plan-that-fell-apart.html)

Malaysiakini list

Prelude of MCA Internal Conflict episod 6 马华 . 笼里鸡 前奏6

23rd November Malaysiaparty 's [NOW] News of Week
(picked from Malaysiakini.com) : http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/93440

11月23日 党讯精選
(转摘自《当今大马》 Malaysiakini ) : http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/93440

李伟伦 11月20日 下午2点58分

mca leaders pc 111108 01马华党争不断上演,从最早期的林苍佑与陈祯禄之争、林敬益与陈修信的决裂,李三春与曾永森的对决,又或是最激烈的梁陈党争,到近年的李金狮与林良实之争,和A、B队党争,处处可见派系激斗的斑斑血迹。



wl klscah mca forum 201108 chen li liang在马华党内外仍密切关注翁蔡的互动之际,熟悉马华的资深媒体人陈利良(左图)一针见血地点出,与其说马华将掀起一场翁蔡的恩怨之争,倒不如说这可能是一场历来党争的总算帐,20年恩怨一朝了。







wl klscah mca forum 201108 audience该讲座会由隆雪华青和《东方日报》所联办,共有4名主讲人。除了陈利良外,尚包括已宣告解散的“马华救党委员会”发起人汤木、韩江学院名誉院长谢诗坚,以及为《当今大马》撰写《马华公会的哀歌》系列评论文章的时评员迦玛鲁丁。







wl klscah mca forum 201108 speakers 1陈利良也形容,该份容纳了各大派系人马的要职名单,是一个“怪阵”。有鉴于此,他认为,这或将加深翁诗杰整合团队的难度。









wl klscah mca forum 201108 cheah see kian对于翁诗杰的“怪阵”,谢诗坚(左图)则表示,翁诗杰如今是一下子得罪了4派人马,即林良实、黄家定、蔡细历和元老派。









wl klscah mca forum 201108 jamaluddin另一名主讲人迦玛鲁丁(左图)则直接表示,马华的人事纠葛如今已不是关键,更应关注的是能否成功转型,走出巫统的种族政治阴影。


(above picked from http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/93440)

Pakatan = NOT Barisan (episod 3)

23rd November Malaysiaparty 's [NOW] News of Week Malaysiakini list up this =>
(picked from a reader commented in rocky's bru blogpost) :

ST: Anwar's Pakatan losing focus
at rocky's bru Wednesday, November 19, 2008

[} anti-belit said...
After more than 6 months, which i believe a fair period to assess and size up, i come to believe that Pakatan Rakyat is no different from Barisan Nasional.

Before the 8 March 2008 election, PR has done well to leverage on the populist theme to further get thesupport from the already suffering Rakyat. Bangsa Malaysia, equality, religion tolerance, reduce petrol, etc.
Malaysiakini to list up this =>
After the long honey moon period, what we do we see? Long list inactions or blunders, say, but simple list can spark your frustration.

- Focus attention and energy to secure MPs from BN

- Focus on 16 September 2008 for the frog jumping exercise

- Trip to Taiwan by PKR to “lobby” the BN backbenchers

- Inaction by Pakatan/Keadilan on the wonder MP from Kulim on his action at the Bar Council Forum

- We have yet to see any MP of Pakatan especially DAP who have collected thousands or probably millions of Ringgit of donation during their ceramahs. When are they going to disclose to us, how much they have collected and where the money have gone? During the ceramahs, the MPs –in-waiting and their campaign managers inform the public that every single sen collected will be accounted for.
Malaysiakini list up this
- What is Anwar Ibrahim stand on the PKNS GM, secret RM10.5m payout?

- Complete silence on the disclosure of the RM10.5 million payout to the lord president and judges.

- After that disclosure, where are pro-PR troop of bloggers who initially praised the hope on Zaid Ibrahim, buat macam tuhan reformasi. Tap tap, konon nak sembunyi RM10.5 million. [Zaid Ibrahim & Co would not be the largest local firm if not because the governmental project works, as highlighted by Mahathir in his blog]-

Where is the call for transparency that was LOUDLY trumpeted by Anwar Ibrahim and troopers? Where?

- Look at the King of Tennis scandal in Penang ( SCANDAL is a word I borrowed from Lim Kit Siang). So what is is CAT (Competency, Accountability and Transparency) preached by Lim Guan Eng?
Many would agree that this PR is new, be fair to them, give them time to learn. The irony is these PRs are not humble and instead behave like hero and combative in their approach. They still not in administration mentality and resort to opposition approach.
I am 100% sure, if I am a government servant working in the current PR controlled states, I will definitely not tolerate and cooperate with these snobbish PR’s ADUNS and MPs. The behaviour of these MPs and ADUNs of PR are not different from BN. So what the big fuss of change that the PR happily trumpeting during the election campaign.

Look at the pro-Pakatan’s troop of bloggers, there are also not saint and clean, also not tell the fact or silent over fact.
What has PKR done for state of Selangor because witch hunting? Crime prevention, what have you done? This is still a VERY serious issue now and PR play this issue big during the election campaign.The free water by PKR is plain stupidity. It encourages people to waste water. What does PKR done to help conserve the priceless natural resources? Where is Elizabeth Wong stand on this?

We want CHANGE, but not for the sake of CHANGE only, must have SUSBTANCE not FORM only.
If the cause of PR is all about Anwar, then it will be a sad case. Why I say this? Blind lead blind! Remember Anwar is an UMNO reject, so what make you believe that he can be an agent for change albeit he has been in jailed for 6 years. Leopard never changes its spots. If he is a saint, then different lah. Khalid Ibrahim, siapa itu, full beneficiary of NEP juga, tapi tamak sikit, want more, so UMNO reject lah, rupa-rupanya.
To me PR is the same, same wine different bottle. No big deal.

The pro-PR bloggers haven’t learn as well. The moment you mention something not positive (or you don’t lick them) they will retaliate macam kera kena belacan) They can’t accept when their god Anwar is questioned either on moral, ethical or political matters. So they want us changed-Rakyat to be yes man and ass lickers just like UMNO/BN as well?
Malaysiakini => Malaysiaparty =>
So why need the change then?

Having said the above, I do recognise the really good ADUNs and MP of PR, but these are are species, same as I know they are good and great ADUNs and MPs of Barisan Nasional.
3:09 PM
(above picked from http://rockybru.com.my/2008/11/st-anwars-pakatan-losing-focus.html?showComment=1227078540000#c2854628521218490774)
Malaysiakini to list up this

Why Pakatan Failed to Form New Government

23rd November Malaysiaparty 's [NOW] News of Week Malaysiakini = > Malaysiaparty 's finance news
(picked from themalaysianinsider.com) :

Opposition losing steam as politics takes backseat to economy

By Leslie Lau

NOV 19 – In recent weeks Malaysia's opposition alliance, a resurgent, unstoppable force after the March 8 elections, may as well have put up an advertisement in the newspaper which reads: “Missing: Suave, charming, eloquent and headline-grabbing leader who was supposed to lead us to form the next government.”

Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, while he has not made himself a recluse, is certainly registering only a faint blip on the political radar of the country.

Even his long-time adversary and foe Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the country's former PM and the man who sacked him as DPM ten years ago, is scoring more political points and is getting more column inches in the newspapers.

Anwar's PKR party also appears to have become listless as its members grapple with the reality that they may not yet, if ever, be the ruling party in the Federal Government.

Next weekend, PKR holds its general assembly. Anwar will give his state of the party address.

Aides have been telling reporters that he will explain the reasons for the failure of the September 16 plan to bring about the collapse of the Barisan Nasional (BN) government through mass defections.

Critics will says that whatever Anwar says next weekend will be just another laundry list of excuses as to why he is not yet Prime Minister.

And it will be hard to argue against them.
Malaysiakini = > Malaysiaparty 's finance news
Ultimately, the attention of the country is panning from its obsession with everything political towards bracing itself from the expected economic fallout of the global financial crisis.

BN, while still an unpopular entity, has solved its leadership transition issues.

Malaysia will see the back of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi next March, and is almost certainly going to welcome in, barring a near-miracle from the Anwar camp, the era of Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Ironically, PM Abdullah, liberated from the shackles of expectations he created himself by telling Malaysians he would repair the damage of the Mahathir years, has a good chance of delivering some, if not all, of the reforms he has promised.

A new Judicial Appointments Commission, as well as the new Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, is likely to become reality before he leaves office.

Yesterday, the government even decided to declassify its agreements with highway toll concessions, in a step designed to show transparency.

While the list of reform challenges before Najib remains long, there is a palpable sense of focus returning to the BN government.

This cannot be good news for the opposition Pakatan Rakyat alliance.

While Pak Lah will soon be out of the picture, it is still open season on Najib, who remains vulnerable to allegations and accusations, unfounded or otherwise.

The Altantuya Shaariibuu murder will still be a problem Najib will find difficult to shake off.

But the country appears to be clamouring more for certainty and stability in its political leadership as it prepares itself to face economic difficulties.

The momentum for change has perhaps passed.

How long before that momentum can, if ever, be revived depends on how the opposition retools and rebrands itself.

Ultimately the opposition still has its work cut out if it hopes to offer itself as a viable, workable alternative to BN.

Anwar will have to dig deep to find the inspiration and the cohesiveness the PR alliance needs for a long haul political challenge.
(part of the above picked from http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/index.php/malaysia/12689-opposition-losing-steam-as-politics-takes-backseat-to-economy)

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Non Muslim Supporters for PAS

23rd November Malaysiaparty 's [NOW] News of Week Malaysiakini = > Malaysiaparty 's news
(picked from themalaysianinsider.com) :

Non-Muslim wing for Pas
By Shannon Teoh

NOV 14 — Pas will form a new Dewan (wing) for non-Muslims as a result of the strong support the party received from them in the March general election.

This was one of several issues discussed at the party's retreat in Langkawi last weekend and would see the Pas Supporters' Club move towards full acceptance.

When contacted, party secretary-general Datuk Kamaruddin Jaafar said this was initially raised several years ago when the club was first formed.

"It was approved by the Majlis Syura Ulama (religious scholars consultative council) which felt that Pas could accept non-Muslims, and left it to the central committee to oversee it. But there has not been any progress for a while," he said.

"As of now, there is no proper acknowledgement for club members and this causes some uncertainty," he added.

The supporters club, formed in 2004, came to attention after Kumutha Rahman, an Indian Hindu, contested the Tiran state seat in the March general election. She ran under a PKR ticket as the Pas constitution prohibits non-Muslims from contesting under it.

This, and the mobilisation of the club during the election, gave credence to its "Pas for All" slogan.

Club president Hu Pang Chaw had also said in his speech at the 54th Pas muktamar (general assembly) in August that a new wing, called the Dewan Penyokong Pas, would give its 10,000 members a chance to serve the party better.

It is understood that while the proposal is now being fine-tuned, for now the non-Muslim wing would not yet be able to vote for leaders in the main body but would be able to contest in general elections, which would force a change in the constitution that can only happen at the next muktamar or an emergency general meeting.

The party's head of research, Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, confirmed that the Dewan would not yet be considered full members but that the role and function "would not be far off from other Dewans."

He said that while the rights and privileges accorded to the non-Muslim wing would not be equal to that of the other wings, it was still "one up for Pas."

"It is a positive experiment and shows the party's courage,” he said.

The retreat also pressed on the need for Pakatan Rakyat to form a consultative forum for the five heads of the PR-led states.

Kamaruddin said this is to strengthen coordination between the states and had first been mooted by the party after the PR won the states in the March general election.

Dzulkefly said there has not been a forum yet for the Menteris Besar and Chief Minister to come together to discuss policies.

Citing the example of Bumiputera equity and multilingual road signage, he said that "there are no problems but there must be a mutual agreement and understanding."

He also revealed that this idea has also been brought to the recent PR leadership council meeting and Pas would continue to push it forward in defining the full details of the Menteri Besar council.

Dzulkefly also said that the retreat discussed some steps to prepare the party for "any eventuality" such as a snap election which it believes is a possibility after Umno's March party polls.
(above picked from http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/index.php/malaysia/12411-non-muslim-wing-for-pas)
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Non-Malay PM is possible but not multiracial party

23rd November Malaysiaparty 's [NOW] News of Week malaysiakini to list this
(picked from themalaysiainsider.com) :

Non-Malay PM is possible but not multiracial party, says Dr M
By Adib Zalkapli

PUTRAJAYA, Nov 12 - Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today it is possible for anyone including the non-Malays to be the Prime Minister, but he warned against harping on the issue of having a non-Malay PM because that would itself be racist.

"When you talk about a non-Malay PM, you are being racist, because you shouldn't ask the question whether a Malay or non-Malay can be PM. Here everyone can become Prime Minister, but he must be a leader of the majority party," said Mahathir after delivering a keynote address entitled Bangsa Malaysia at the Perdana Leadership Foundation here.

He claimed that the situation in Malaysia was different from that of Singapore.

"It's very clear when (Singapore Prime Minister, Lee) Hsien Loong said non-Chinese cannot be the PM, they are very open, of course we say one thing, we do another thing," said Mahathir.

However he said Malaysia is not ready to have a truly multiracial political party.

"It doesn't work, every multiracial party is dominated by one race, like Gerakan and DAP. Even PAP in Singapore is not multiracial," said Mahathir.

He added even the opposition parties have failed to prove they are multiracial despite their repeated claims that racial politics has ended.

He said that the failure during his administration to unite vernacular and national schools under one roof is evidence that the people are not ready to be united.

On the imminent economic crisis Mahathir said the problem can only be solved with international cooperation.

"I can assure this is very difficult to handle. I have no confidence in Obama, what about Najib. This is too big for Obama and Najib. We need to change the system, to change the system, we need international cooperation," said Mahathir.

He said that the present system is open to all kinds of abuses.

"You have to have a system that is more solid, based on something that is more tangible. All currencies of the world were pegged to gold. But when the US decided to go off the gold, that is when things go out of control, because you can print any amount of money without any backing," said Mahathir.
(above picked from http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/index.php/malaysia/12256-non-malay-pm-is-possible-but-not-multiracial-party-says-dr-m)
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Pakatan = NOT Barisan (episod 2)

23rd November Malaysiaparty 's [NOW] News of Week Malaysiakini list up this =>
(picked from a reader commented in rocky's bru blogpost) :

ST: Anwar's Pakatan losing focus
at rocky's bru Wednesday, November 19, 2008

GodsnDemons said...
As expected so many came to the defense of the PR. It's really hilarious that when it comes to BN, people would start cursing them for even the slightest mistakes/wrongdoing.

Malaysiakini list this
But we have to give BN credit. At least UMNO/MCA/GERAKAN have the humility/GUTS...GUTS I REPEAT to admit their MISTAKES. HOW ABOUT PR?

Have you ever heard PR APOLOGISING? I DONT THINK SO! Damn chauvinistic.

Whenever they are in the wrong, they will just dismiss accusations claiming its a political ploy. ARROGANT!

The recent HUHA on the BERSIH rally is one excellent example which I doubt anybody can DENY!.
Malaysiakini list this
Some dumb PR Politician claimed that the Police intervened and broke up the rally while they were singing Negaraku. They claimed it is insulting the King and country!For Godsake, it's an illegal assembly!

So can I assume that as long as burglars, rapist and hardcore criminals singing the NEGARAKU where ever they are, the Police can't arrest them till they stop singing? But what if they were to continue singing? WOW brilliant!

Such a remark and support for illegal activities mocks the intellectual capabilities of Malaysians!
6:11 PM
(above picked from http://rockybru.com.my/2008/11/st-anwars-pakatan-losing-focus.html?showComment=1227089460000#c1507216724594193016)
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不降油价的国阵政府, 应将百亿令吉 ...

23rd November Malaysiaparty 's [NOW] News of Week Malaysiakini, listed this blog =>
(picked from Dr.Chua Soi Lek blog) : http://drchua9.blogspot.com/2008/11/no-petrol-subsidy.html

11月23日 党讯精選
(转摘自蔡细历医生部络格) : http://drchua9.blogspot.com/2008/11/no-petrol-subsidy.html

Friday, November 21, 2008 at 10:53:00 AM



b )当国际原油价格持续下跌,政府是否应为油价设立底限。当汽油价格继续下跌,可能会间接鼓励國人開车上路,而使到原本拥挤的道路更加堵塞。

c )政府需要监督日常民生物品价格是否也应声下跌,尤其是油价上涨时也水涨船高,应声涨价的餐饮業、公共交通服务及其他服务。当汽油价格在今年突然大幅调涨,小贩中心食品价格也调涨约10%,普遍上涨20至50仙。现在,这些食品是否将降价?我很怀疑。

d )政府在2010年的稅收将大幅銳减,这是因为政府届时的收税是根据2009年的收入。商品及石油价格下跌料使政府稅收减少30至40 % --少了很大笔收入。这将影响2010年的财政预算案和紧接而來的第十大马计划的筹划工作。


(above picked from http://drchua9.blogspot.com/2008/11/no-petrol-subsidy.html)
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23rd November Malaysiaparty 's [NOW] News of Week
(picked from Malaysiakini.com) : http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/93358

11月19日 下午1点07分


shahrir samad 250907国内贸易与消费部长沙里尔(左图)本周一(17日)宣布燃油价格再度调降7%,到每公升两令吉。另外,本地中级白米的价格也调低了5至10%。最后,部分大道公司也宣布提供10%折扣予半夜12点与早上7点之间的高速公路使用者。


anwar ibrahim and ahmad shabery cheek debate 150708 02首相阿都拉在6月4日宣布调整燃油价格,








mustapa mohamed另一方面,农业及农基工业部长慕斯达法(左图)在本月1日宣布,本地白米的价格下跌20仙;掺杂5%碎米的超级白米的价格从原来的每公斤2令吉80仙,下跌至2令吉60仙,而掺杂10%碎米的超级白米的价格则从2令吉70仙,跌至2令吉50仙。






mohd zin bin mohamed 02
大道合同解密方面,公共工程部长莫哈末辛(左图)昨天(18日)表示,政府将最迟在2009年1月1日之前公布这些合同。他指出,国内所有的22家大道经营公司,已经同意在明年1月解密大道合约,除了经营吉隆坡—布城大道(KL-Putrajaya Expressway)的经营者Maju Expressway有限公司尚未给予同意。

莫哈末辛说明,他还未能确定Maju Expressway有限公司是否拒绝公布,或者只是拖延回复。

(above picked from Malaysiakini at http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/93358)

Prelude of MCA Internal Conflict episod 5 马华 . 笼里鸡 前奏5

23rd November Malaysiaparty 's [NOW] News of Week
(picked from Malaysiakini.com) : http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/93430

11月23日 党讯精選
(转摘自《当今大马》 Malaysiakini ) : http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/93430


李伟伦 11月20日 下午1点02分

mca leaders pc 111108 01马华总会长翁诗杰“不按牌理出牌”委任党内要职的排阵,除了引爆与其副手蔡细历的隔空交锋外,据说也已在党内掀起了一股不满的暗流。




















mca agm 191008 ong tee keat on stage翁诗杰本身早前承认,在马华中委会新阵容公布后,党内确实流传许多具“恐吓性”和“谎言”的手机短讯。







“根据党章,召开特大需召集1/3代表签名,大约800人。若根据诗杰在党选获得的约60%选票作准,加上党职委任所引起的部分基层情绪,此标竿并非mission impossible(不可能的任务)。”








(above picked from http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/93430)

Prelude of MCA Internal Conflict episod 4 马华 . 笼里鸡 前奏4

23rd November Malaysiaparty 's [NOW] News of Week malaysiakini to list this
(picked from themalaysianinsider.com) :

A sidelined Soi Lek says he will be unofficial ‘ombudsman'
By Leslie Lau
Consultant Editor

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 12 – MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek says he will make full use of the “limited space” given to him by his party president and act as an informal ombudsman to check on the implementation of government policy.

He told The Malaysian Insider today that he would be reaching out to Malaysians who feel they have been unfairly treated due to any deviation in the implementation of government policies.

Dr Chua was sidelined from any significant leadership position yesterday when MCA president Datuk Ong Tee Keat announced key office bearers following party elections a few weeks ago.

The only responsibility given to Dr Chua was that of head of the party’s government policy monitoring bureau, which he is hoping to turn into an unofficial government “ombudsman’s office.”

Ong, who had been at loggerheads with Dr Chua during the election campaign, appointed to key positions, a slew of relative unknowns who are known to be close to former deputy president Datuk Chan Kong Choy.

These appointments appear calculated to cut off the influence of former president Datuk Ong Ka Ting, and to ensure the new president’s close allies help him stamp his authority on the party.

The move is also seen as an attempt to shore up his own strength and position in the party, and belies the challenges ahead for the party in closing ranks.

MCA continues to be split and this can be seen through Ong’s appointment of himself as Johor party chief instead of Dr Chua, who is from Johor, and the deputy president’s reaction so far.

Said Dr Chua today: “His appointments reflect his leadership as it remains to be seen as to whether he is committed to closing ranks, or shoring up his own strength.”

“I apologise to central delegates if I cannot function properly. It will not be because I do not want to work for the party but because of the limited space.”

The MCA deputy president also told The Malaysian Insider his views on race relations and the challenges MCA faces in regaining lost support from the Chinese community in particular.

He said that for race relations to improve, all political parties, including the MCA, should not champion causes which are ethno-centric.

Instead, political parties should be issues-centric, and speak out on causes which affect all Malaysians.

“Chinese parties cannot confine themselves to everything Chinese. We should champion causes related to corruption, abuse of power and all other issues relevant to all Malaysians.

“In issues related to language and religion there is also no need to use emotive language like ‘over my dead body’,” he said.

Dr Chua said that much as eveyone hoped for change towards real multi-racial parties, one must still be practical.

He said that in order for MCA to regain the trust and support of its former supporters it would first have to close ranks.

“Everyone is watching the president’s appointments to see if it reflects any closing of ranks. I will leave it for the members to judge for themselves.”
(above picked from http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/index.php/malaysia/12268-a-sidelined-soi-lek-says-he-will-be-unofficial-ombudsman)


11月17日 党讯精選
(转摘自《当今大马》 Malaysiakini ) : http://malaysiakini.com/news/93028

11月13日 傍晚5点55分











Below part NOT from Malaysia
(Definately the Friday meeting would be "furnished" with the "hit" of the sex-tape ! And hold without conclusion - claimed "to have more observation first" basis !

And then on Sunday 23rd Nov the TV will broadcast a reflecting story about "datuk"ship 's sex tape; then the hit will "warming-up" again and NO title (or Minister post) being awarded due to "public pressure" ! ~however this is just a thought~ it might or might not happen !)
NOT from Malaysiakini





(part of the above picked from http://malaysiakini.com/news/93028)