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Saturday, November 8, 2008

PKR Challenge MCA

08th November Malaysiaparty 's [NOW] News of Week
(picked from readers' letter section at Malaysiakini.com) : http://malaysiakini.com/letters/92422

Who are S'wak PKR to comment on Chua?
Tan Soo Aun Nov 4, 08 3:58pm

Once again, the issue of Chua Soi Lek’s reentry into cabinet via a surprise outcome in the recent MCA elections, has attracted attention from opposition leaders, this time around from two unlikely personalities in Sarawak’s PKR.

If we could actually recall what happened in January this year, Chua Soi Lek had taken the courage to abandon everything he held dear to pay for his mistake . Unlike most politicians across the ruling-opposition divide, he was outrightly honest, down to earth and sincere about what had happened.

For whatever he had done, he chose to return as an ordinary member to the MCA, working tirelessly to become the party’s number two in only 10 months time. It is commonly agreed that had there been no sex tape, he would have taken the presidency by default. Nobody in MCA can match his leadership qualities so is this why the opposition leaders are so worried?
Why so much hoo-ha about Chua? Is it still not enough punishment for him? Must we go all the way and hold him forever responsible, pin him down to the path of no return like how the two Sawarak PKR leaders are doing? What have they got to achieve if not mere political mileage out of the people’s misery ?

During the MCA party election, the issue of the sex tape had been thoroughly debated and weighed, yet the delegates went gone beyond personal issues to vote for Chua. He was not supposed to win if delegates had bothered to mix up personal problems with leadership qualities.

But like what happened in the Permatang Pauh by-election (please remember it is Permatang Pauh and not elsewhere), the voter went far beyond personal issues to elect capable leaders of their own choice.

PKR’s Dominique Ng and See Chee How hailed Permatang Pauh as the people’s victory to safeguard democracy, to defend freedom, to wipe out corruption and so on and so forth, but on Chua’s victory in the MCA party election, they suddenly choose to sing a different tune.
This is the politics of convenience, the politics of manipulation at play. They become the defenders of moral purity whereas the party they belong to is led by Anwar Ibrahim - who is interestingly another leader with alleged misbehaviour but who also happens to be one of the most influential political players on the local scene.

What have Ng and See got to do with Chua’s entry into the cabinet anyway? As citizens, they are tainted with political bias. Even if Ng and See wish to put their feet down, they should have spoken out before the voting.

Of course, in the eyes of opposition leaders, there is no good ministers in the BN cabinet. Just like when they only took away 82 parliamentary seats on March 8, they start telling the rakyat that PR is more credible than BN. They unleash all sorts of accusations at the Election Commission and the government, but they quickly recognise their own victory in Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor as the ‘people’s power’.

Later, they took the trouble to play up the Sept 16 takeover drama, so much so that the people and the country suffered in deep suspense and despair. There is so much greed in opposition politics to the extent that they are willing to replace the federal government through a back-door approach.

By the way, if Chua is pronounced not fit to return to the cabinet, how come PR leaders and supporters can look up to Anwar Ibrahim as the PM-in-waiting? Anwar has actually been convicted and sentenced in a court of law, only to be reversed upon appeal with 2-1 majority judgement.

Obviously, PKR leaders have pointed at other people without realising that more fingers pointed at themselves. They blatantly practice double standards because it suits their political agenda. Both Sarawak PKR leaders are motivated by political rivalry to hit out at BN whenever they feel it convenient to do so. Even now that Sept 16 has faded away, PKR and PR have not given up hope by perpetually calling Anwar as the ‘PM in-waiting’.
In the final analysis, it is not the issue of morality or otherwise - it is all about ways and means to capture power by continuously harping on issues that your opponents has little means to defend against.

It is also about the opposition’s grand agenda to revive ‘916' by taking on the ruling party on all frontiers. Ng and See have taken the lead to do so though it surprises many people because MCA has yet to be a local player in Sarawak politics.

(above all picked from Malaysiakini at http://malaysiakini.com/letters/92422)

民联成事不足 - 兴权会另谋对策 ??

08th November Malaysiaparty 's [NOW] News of Week
(picked from Malaysiakini.com) : http://malaysiakini.com/news/92397

11月08日 党讯精選
(转摘自《当今大马》 Malaysiakini ) : http://malaysiakini.com/news/92397

11月4日 中午12点37分











(above all picked from Malaysiakini - Chinese version at http://malaysiakini.com/news/92397)

Kelab Penyokong PAS (KPP) Khusus Untuk bukan Islam

08th November Malaysiaparty 's [NOW] News of Week
(picked from Malaysiakini.com) : http://malaysiakini.com/news/92431

Kelab Penyokong Muda PAS dilancar 15 Nov
Nov 4, 08 4:23pm

Dewan Pemuda PAS Pusat (DPPP) akan menubuhkan Kelab Penyokong Muda PAS (KPMP) ekoran sokongan dan kepercayaan rakyat, khususnya anak muda pelbagai kaum, terhadap parti itu dalam pilihanraya umum yang lalu.

Kelab tersebut akan dilancarkan oleh Ketua DPP, Salahuddin Ayub, yang juga ahli Parlimen Kubang Kerian, pada 15 November ini bertempat di pejabat agung PAS di ibunegara.

Pengerusi Lanjah Perpaduan Nasional (LPN) DPPP, Khairul Faizi Ahmad Kamil berkata, inisiatif penubuhan kelab tersebut adalah selaras dengan dasar PAS dan juga Islam yang memberikan hak dan keadilan kepada seluruh rakyat, tanpa mengira kaum dan agama.

Menurutnya, Kelab Penyokong PAS (KPP) telah ditubuhkan, tetapi pada masa yang sama, wujud kehendak dari kalangan golongan muda bukan Islam untuk terlibat aktif secara langsung bersama PAS dalam memperjuangkan hak-hak rakyat, khususnya bukan Islam.

"Setelah PAS berjaya melancarkan KPP pada tahun 2004 dan kini keahliannya sudah pun mencecah 18,000 orang, maka DPPP mengambil inisiatif untuk membentuk KPMP yang akan lebih cenderung ke arah aktiviti yang berbentuk pemudaaan.

"KPP sedia ada dilihat lebih dianggotai oleh golongan dewasa serta aktivitinya tidak banyak menjurus kepada golongan muda," kata Khairul Faizi dalam satu kenyataan hari ini.

'Himpunan Anak Muda'
Menurutnya, majlis perasmian tersebut akan diserikan dengan beberapa acara seperti persembahan kumpulan anak muda dari KPMP, pelancaran misi dan visi KPMP, penyerahan borang keahlian KPMP dan majlis memperkenalkan jawatankuasa penaja KPMP.

Khairul Faizi berkata, KMPM juga akan ditubuhkan di peringkat negeri, termasuk di Sabah dan Sarawak.

Untuk itu, katanya, LPN akan bergerak ke seluruh negara untuk melancarkan KPMP di peringkat negeri, selepas pelancarannya pada 15 November depan.

Beliau berkata, kemuncak penubuhan KPMP akan diadakan pada bulan Mei 2009.

Khairul Faizi berkata ia merupakan satu himpunan Anak Muda KPMP yang akan menghimpunkan kesemua jawatankuasa penaja yang telah berjaya ditubuhkan di peringkat pusat dan negeri-negeri.

"Himpunan Anak Muda KPMP telah dipersetujui untuk diadakan di sekitar Lembah Klang," katanya
(above all picked from Malaysiakini - Malay version at http://malaysiakini.com/news/92431)

民联州政府: 没落实大选承诺的荒谬理由 (其一)

08th November Malaysiaparty 's [NOW] News of Week
(picked from readers' letter section at Malaysiakini.com) : http://malaysiakini.com/letters/92256

11月08日 党讯精選
(转摘自《当今大马》 Malaysiakini ) : http://malaysiakini.com/letters/92256

赖昭光 11月1日 中午12点23分







如 果这就是雪民联政府议员一天过一天没公布财产所担忧的其中一个原因,我想这些议员就算不是大马百大首富,大概也离资产丰腴的富豪阶层不远。

全球十大、百大 首富的资产每年皆由著名财经刊物公开报道、亚洲十大、百大首富的资产每年皆由著名财经刊物公开报道;大马十大、百大首富的资产每年皆由著名财经刊物公开报 道。





希 拉克年薪近8万欧元,他1995年首次当选法国总统,2002年蝉联。
他退休后官方公布的财产资料显示,希拉克夫妇目前在其故乡拥有两处不动产,一处是他 们1969年婚后不久购买的乡村小城堡,目前已经大幅升值至50万欧元;另一处是希拉克母亲1993年去世后作为遗产留给他的乡村房舍,目前估价6万欧 元。

看 看人家如何大大方方公布私人财产地理位置及市价细节,希拉克夫妇及家人至今未见被绑架,或许你要辩称人家法国的治安好,或许希拉克的财产不算丰腴,只是小 富,要学法国总统公布财产,先等马来西亚治安一流再谈吧!











(above all picked from Malaysiakini - Chinese version at http://malaysiakini.com/letters/92256)

纳吉 Vs 安华

08th November Malaysiaparty 's [NOW] News of Week
(picked from Malaysiakini.com) : http://malaysiakini.com/news/92456

11月08日 党讯精選
(转摘自《当今大马》 Malaysiakini ) : http://malaysiakini.com/news/92456

11月4日 傍晚7点17分

















(above all picked from Malaysiakini - Chinese version at http://malaysiakini.com/news/92456)

Monday, November 3, 2008

PGRM Vice-President Found Dead !

God’s peace
(as reported by Malaysiakini at http://malaysiakini.com/news/92339)
Gerakan vice-president Dr S Vijayaratnam was found dead outside his clinic in Seremban this morning. He was 58.

The politician fell to his death around 11.30am from the rooftop of the three-storey building, which he owned known as 'Vijay Mahal' located along Jalan Tengku Hassan.
He leaves behind a widow and two sons.

The police are currently investigating the matter.

It is also learnt that Gerakan's top leaders are currently at the Seremban Hospital where the remains had been taken.

Vijayaratnam was appointed senator in 2002 and served for one term as parliament secretary of the Plantation, Industries and Commodities Ministry.Highest ranking non-Chinese in Gerakan
Vijayaratnam - who was a general practitioner based in Seremban - was the highest ranking non-Chinese leader in Gerakan.

In the party polls last month, he retained his vice-president post by coming in second.The highest vote-getter was former Youth chief Mah Siew Keong (1,153 votes), followed by Vijayaratnam (678) and former Penang Youth chief Huan Cheng Guan (568).Highly-fancied Malay candidate Dr Asharuddin Ahmad (537) failed to make the cut.

Party observers said that Vijayaratnam was able to win the post twice because he was known as the president's man.

Vijayaratnam was chairman of party's International Affairs & Ethnic Relations Bureau and head of Gerakan branch in Sungai Ujong, Negri Sembilan.

He was also a member of the National Economic Consultative Council, a fellow of the Royal Society of Health in London, and an honorary fellow of the Indian College of General Practitioners in New Delhi, India - malaysiakini.com