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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The PLOT - Dirty Politic Sexy Ball

18th February Malaysiaparty 's pick of to-day
(picked from JP-[the 3rd PARTY] )
by { JP }

This is the sad moment for the PKR and Chelsea Fans..
referring to the 1st part which had been link-listed by Malaysiakini, this is the complete version,

With abandon the uprising nude photos which are going to be distributed soon (as according to Malaysiakini - Manadarin version), I am absolutely disagreed with neither intention nor tendering of resignation of the spoted one - Elizabeth Wong. Although I am neither the one permitting for her resignation's tender nor the one
standing by her. And even many readers of this blog [JP-the 3rd PARTY] still perceiving that I am anti-Anwarism, I' still have to put my strong request, advice or persuade to YB Elizabeth Wong not to tender her resignation in whatsoever happened or happening soon.

I've known from Malaysiakini that YB Wong was graduated from an Aussie University. Well! I got an opportunity of full supporting from my family to further my study in Australia too but I had jeopardised it myself ten years back!..Nothing to story more than this about me here, let me tell you a story that may comfort you, or at least making it as a lighting in your dark room now...

Many years ago when I worked with a syndicate, I had a chance to go undercovered job in a football club (not to mention the Country here) and the club named PineKnightRussian-Chelsea Footballic Club (PKRChelseaFC). (NOTE: PKRChelsea - a footballic club which its main stakeholder was Pine and Knight brother, and the club had been sold to Russian recently)

I worked as a guidance to the Club's players. My main job function for the Club was to guide my assigned one player in his way impressing to fans and public. But most of the time I carried out job which included assisting them in clearing their hair left in hotel beds and cleaning their scoring-boots !

It was the Boxing Day when my club thrashing another giant-Arsenal 4-1 to topseat at the Premiership Table then. Traditionally, ranking at the Premiership Table on Boxing Day reflecting fortune of a club which bringing signs of success or fail at the end of season. Most of the time, any club which falls at the bottom of the table will delegated to lower league whilst a leading club on Boxing Day will definately having great chance to be the Champion end of the season.

The victory made everybody in the club felt a comfortable way after fighting for the last 6 months.
While all players were toasting for our coach, Sir Aaron Ighram who had been awarded the Monthly Manager (Best Club Manager in a particular month) early on that cheering night, almost everybody hanged out !
Rodriguez illinois was there who had been hat-trick assisted in goals and scored ones in the "giant killer crash" early, he was going all way out to be cheered by his teammates and hanged out with Scotch Whisky; Edward
Wardolf was there, the most hotpicked for the Golden Boot Award who had scored 25 goals so far but he seemed little bit mind disturbing and degusting his glass of wine quietly with smokes clouded round his head; and Adam Alex was there too. Adam was chasing hard for more scores in every games to overcut his own teamate to topple the Best Scorer Table desperately and he was squinting at Edward for the whole night like angered due Edward didn't pass him the sure-scored's ball in the match early.
The Club's Regional Business Director, Sir Khind Ighram was there too tasting his flavorful cigar together with the Manager, Sir Aaron. The others like Michael Osram Michael Jack (Centre Midfield) and Jamie Morin Roxi (BackWing) who have been sidelined for months after injury also there to join in the joyful night ...

After midnight, people starting hanged out from heavy drunk, some started pulling their heavy legs out to car pouch; but there were still others like Rodriguez, Adam, the two injureds, Osram and Jamie, and few from Youth Team, with the lesser drinker on that night - Edward still fresh looking.

"Guys, we are going for second round at the Clubz near Bazzaar, join us? ", asked by Adam who was walking abreast with Rodriguez.

"Ok! But I can't drink more due to my legs" said Osram pointed to his halt leg, Jamie nodded.

"Edward, you ?" asked the second best scorer, Adam.

"Nope, too much making my bird can't fly later! You guys have fun." Waving goodbye, Edward pointed to his private part.

"Can three of us join you guys ?" asked the three youngsters from Youth Team.

"Come, Adam will pay for the bill tonight !" Rodriguez pointed to Adam who snap on showing his center fingers.

"hooray !" the youngsters cheers. Off course they cheering, the pays of Youth Team players were many times lower than their senior.

They head toward the next stop, where a plot started up soon ...

While walking inside to a designated VIP room, suprisingly they saw some United players and Sir Anthony Brickman, the United Club's Manager were sitting there too!
The PKRChelsea boys thought that they had wrongly entered into other room, but one of a football agent, Mr. Y beckon at Adam by waving his hand. They knew each others.

Sir Anthony then stand up and walking out from the room after welcome his rivals, followed by his assistant, Nick (who was also said to be his successor after him). While Sir Anthony stepped far from the room, Nick still posing at the door side and he managed to wave Mr Y (the agent) to step forward to him for whispering betweens. I didn't heard what was the 2 minutes' sentence, cause I had found my seat inside.

We all know that football agents are very keen in dealing with players' buying. Their main function in the field was transferring player from one club to another and their earnings were extremely good, paid by commissions.

So, then left only Adam, Rodriguez, Osram, Jamie, three Youth Team players, United players, Stam, Brown and Gary who is the elder brother of Osram; together with Mr. Y and another agent cheered inside the room. Strange to find that the United players were enjoying too after they have lost their topseat to PKRChelsea.

Few more minutes later, a bandit (or we called him betting banker) from another football betting syndicate walked in and he welcomed by Mr Y. This bandit had been introduced to everybody in the room. With music turning loud, and the party goes on with delicious GROs and escorts laying down one by one .. What a enchantment night .....

With some already rubbing their hand onto girls' body, conversations between few people were going on ..
as I overheard few of thats, I was still fresh due my boss' unforgettable (as recording) word "Jeff, you can drink but can not drunk when you are me" still playback clearly in mind.

....."How can you guys scored in 4 balls ? Damn made us lost tons of money .."

....."Where is Edward by the way? He didn't showed up here ?"

....."He's good striker indeed. We want him in United club"

....."United offering fifteen millions (15,000,000) for buying him"

"We knew him well, now he had back to suck his mother's breast" said Adam "He used to hang out with us often previously"

"now he is chasing his dream to grab the Golden Boot (Best Scorer Award), and he is quite lazy to join us, no more" Rodriguez added.

....."are you sure, this is his real photos ?" after rounding talks about Edward, one of the three youth players turned on his mobile screen showing up to the bandit and the agent. With his highly ambitious heart to join a big club, the youth just smiled cunningly and nodded his head.

Well, I had seen more than these (photo), even worst than a real show I had seen. No surprisingly. In any premier's club, players were extremely damn rich, life like screw hell and they screw up every night. No surprising. I didn't take it hard.
Dum.do ..dum.do ..dum.dum.dum..music going on.....

"next game just follow what we will going to tell you".......

They are trying to manipulate result for the next coming game. Match fixing was illegal in the country but its just too usual and happened almost in every clubs in the premiership league.

After few weeks of this hangout, one of the Youth Team player charged due raping an underage girl. And continuing with more explosive news banged out -
Osram and Jamie was alleged to taken bribe for match fixing!

Then the PKRChelsea lost a match by an upset result and these dragged them down to second rank in the Premier Table !
Following weeks after this..everybody looks worrying, haunted and self defending. Some even had blocked a wall by not answering calls !

It's another more explosive rumour raised up when Edward said to be transferring out of the club, to linked up with the UNITED off course !
But then this rumour quickily denied by Edward 's press conference.

Few days after the press conference, Edward's sex photos were distributed to each of local news media !!

I'm still remember when I just consoled him by saying this "Take it easy. Wat the big deal ? Every adult having their sex life. This is not shame!" Edward quiet. Then I just snap on with this "..unless the photo shot you fucking dog or you had let a dog fucked you, have you ?" .....Oppps!

And following with the pressures going on (actually its nothing; unless he was really fucking dog), his rivals asked him to retired from his career !

"You shouldn't retire !" Adam (the one who chasing for the Golden Boot) told Edward with his suspiciously look,

"Don't bother of what they said, get on your life bro.." Rodriguez added.

Without any answer from Edward, they just walked out..

On the day Edward hold a press conference to announce his retirement, he said "I've done nothing wrong! Sexuality is every adult's life expecially when I am still single."
"I've done nothing wrong !
" he repeated.

"I deicided to retired for the goodsake of my club and not to tarnish the club's reputation !"

People were so touching for his speech...

A Month after, at the season end United was crowned for their 51 Champion in Premier League and Adam awarded Golden Boot for best scorer .

The Story, All Names, Characters and incidents portrayed in this article are FICTITIOUS.
No Identification with actual persons, clubs, places, buildings and products is intended or should be inferred.


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