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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One of the Many Reasons Why Pakatan Falls in Perak.

10th February Malaysiaparty 's pick of to-day
(picked from JP-[the 3rd PARTY] )

the Reason Why a gLaSs Castle Falls ! - KARMA SHOWS.II
Posted by { JP } on the Sunday, February 8, 2009at 7:55AM
for Malaysiakini editor: go direct to the bottom part (a message for you)
Time to Pay Your Bills
It's always a reason when things happened in such a way…

As the recent drama in Perak, the PAS’ MB is facing his toughest moment now. We've seen that his mouth still “showing off” smile and bringing jokes to his loving Perakian, but we heartful believe that his heart is squeezed. He was trying to calm down his supporters by bringing relaxing moment to alls when interviewed by reporters in his time-ending MB's office as we've seen on TV news.

This is the sad moment too considered if you are living in Perak! A “look-like” decent-man MB being “forced” to step down;

But the saddest portion should go to PKR.
PAS is a party wellknown with their clean governance, as Kelantan as ruled by Tok Guru; They lost a state, soon they will rebounded back to another climax, like Terengganu state - win-lost-win-and lost again, all determined by the Rakyat eager for developments in their area;

Whilst at the other end, PKR is more or least like a UMNO-II; never mentioned about their leader, Anwar was purely tutored from UMNO; and never mentioned about his keymen who jumped out from UMNO too and now topsitting at Selangor state. It's seems that most of the PKR ADUN who been appointed as states’ EXCO members were those “riches”, “business-minded” or “well-backing” persons.

In UMNO, we've heard that million dollars can buy you a district/area's chairman seat in their own party election; In PKR, we've might curious to find (out the evidence) that million dollars might won (or backed) you for a EXCO 's post in state.

Money is a sin; and money is the roll of everything. In political party, you need money. That’s why we've seen that they were collecting election fund when we ourselves felt the heat to give (but NOT donate -cause giving and donating are two different things) to give out our money pence (even it's the last one or two) into their fund box while the running of their arousing speech-shows. We are hoping for a [better Malaysia] (the most pop sentence nationwide) – that we are [hoping]. And this called the returns/gains that we're looking for. But if we are donating something, we don't look for returns.

Most of the people are not too generous; I'm not a generous person too as I'm also looking for the returns, a [better Malaysia].
Don't tell me that we are going forward to achieve what we are looking for, as “you can see we have manage to ruin the BN federal government by grabbing 1/3 of Dewan Rakyat 's seats which this should make them hard and harder to amend or impose any unbeneficial people but beneficial crony laws->…rules->…projects”; “you can see we have ruled in 5 states (but soon left 4..3..2..1..), and these states people are enjoying a clean and fair deal government now”; “so and soooon we are heading toward to our goal, the federal government
This is our worry now! The federal government if it's really falls to their hands, how this country look like today ? We are worry now but we are looking forward to it then ! ?

Look at Selangor state, the PKR 's ADUN fired on DAP 's ADUN for the Bus-Channel issue;
the still unsettled (but now kicked the ball to court) in-waiting court’s judgment:Rawang Cable case;
the said said and talk talk water buying project; etc and etc..
Look at Penang, the PKR’s Deputy Chief Minister “boycotted/sidelined” by his own teammates;
Look at the recent hot state, the election for the village head/village chief or“Chun Chang”(in Mandarin) looks similarity objectively to put in their own party’s members (sponsoring type member, I think), which this election had been strongly disagreed by DAP;
Ride to the recent hot topic with his two under-charged for corruption law-suit ADUN s, then kidnapped (as prescribed by them), and then had “forced” to resign from their state assembly seat and now became independent (free of any party, at least at this moment) ADUNs;
Etc..and etc … chaos !

But all these are the only things floated up to surface, unveiled ones? Still a lots, I think. Most of the times when reported criminal showed you only 5 cases, it's means actually more than 5 !! Most of the people not reporting, hiding the truth, hiding for reasons …

Back to the point, after people given you money, off course they are looking for returns. NO doubt! They were not donating; they gave BIG sums to you!
And these big sums mainly came from unrevealed sources! United, for instant or others, country or could be syndicates in our own country which these bankers (as some called them supporters) are looking for their returns then, and now!!

So in the last few months (even the sparks clicking on at that moment in Selangor), he started to talk about Sarawak in order to “tuning” alls eye sides to the other side. Without giving any progressive action, the fire aroused then with one of the PKR 's state ADUN threatened to jump ship!
He created another fresh hope for his supporters (which included and mainly his bankers) by dreaming to write his first page at Sarawak!

Time to pay your bill (Luckily your name are not Bill Clinton) but the bill collectors at your doorsteps knocking hard and harder!
Cake Not Shared in Fairness (Even it's small but at least lets your partners to share a piece, but you got no more piece to share amongst your own partners cause it's already been distributed to your “fragile” partners -the other party in the joint Pakatan’s coalition)
Phones ringing, emails jerking in, faxes rolled out of paper, voice-transmitting through right-hand-men keep on annoying him like drilling hole at floor !

These alls made him scratching head and lost his wise judgments. And when a person is not able to make his good analytical judgment then bad decision made! Every politician must have a (born nature) preventive skill, I think. At the time he can't focus well, his enemy strike on him! And while everybody still thought that he is capable enough to hold on the "castle", as everybody (included his joining partners) ALREADY used to listen to him, used to follow his instructions til nobody or any other leaders’advices gone “ear-wind”; this time he falls !

Not just he himself got bullied and damned but his party and his coalition – the Pakatan falls down !

PAS had ride on the wrong ship
PAS has nothing wrong with this, the only fault step might be they had just “miss-out” and threw aside good advices at that crucial time.

DAP might just step onto a ghost ship
DAP shall by their own now, looks for another prospectus joining or by all means, row the boat by their own to the dock!

After I've written this, I decided to post this article in the method to be listed up at Malaysiakini - [MKINI in BLOG] section for the purpose to test up the integrity of well-said A "Rakyat" 's news sources but not another ATS-Anwar Topple syndicate 's tool !

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